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In contrast to our competition, we do not build our houses out of so-called "matches", but out of solid, hand-hewed logs, which are up to 400 mm in diameter!
Our houses are made of:

  • hand-hewed round logs,
  • half-logs,
  • flat logs called "amphibians"


ul. Norwida 18
59-706 Gromadka

tel. +48 607 744 724


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The log houses have recently experienced their renaissance. They are build out of best quality wood, are durable, warm and create an extraordinary climate. In winter they keep warmth inside and in summer regulate cool temperatures.


The houses made of thick logs do not need additional heating; constant humidity inside is kept by the wooden walls, which absorb or emit it on best level for our mood.


Nowadays having such a house is something special, individual; it is like returning to nature, a prestige that not everyone can afford.


Log houses are made out of natural resources, securing healthy and relaxing living conditions; it is living in harmony with nature.

Our company deals mostly with building houses of thick, hand-hewed logs which are up to 400 mm in diameter; asymmetrical, unique....

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